<Handle It> is an Australia-based guild. We are very active and friendly, and looking for more people join us for Mythic progression in Antorus the Burning Throne.

We complete Mythic+ dungeons everyday, and raid Wed, Sun, Mon nights 9 pm to 12:00 am server time (AEZT UTC+10:00).

We also run other Legion raids during the week, and looking to also clear those on Mythic.

Raid spots are available for serious raiders who have the discipline, skill and patience to succeed in Mythic encounters.

"Handle It is a fantastic, friendly progression guild. I love it! We have lots of fun, but still get shit done. 100/10 :)"


"Before joining Handle It, I had no raiding experience and found myself isolated from a lot of end game content. Within days of joining, I was invited to participate in raids, being geared up in M+s and invited to social events like transmog contests and old raids. Handle It will reinvigorate your interest in the game"